Get up to $250,000 for Your Small Business!

Our private funding sources can provide your business with up to $250,000 of working capital.

If you meet the following criteria, you can be approved within the next 48hrs. and get funded within the next 10 days.

1. You own a restaurant, retail, or service business (not home-based)

2. You currently accept Visa & MasterCard

3. You process more than $2,500/month in credit card sales

4. You have been in business more than 1 year

5. You can provide 3 positive business/trade references

6. You have a positive history with your landlord

This is not a bank loan or a credit line. It's a cash advance of future credit card sales. You get your cash now. Your Visa/MasterCard credit card processor deducts a small, agreed-upon percentage from your daily credit card sales until the advance is made whole.

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YES, I QUALIFY ( Tell me more about private funding )
NO, I DO NOT QUALIFY ( Tell me about other available funding programs )

Advantages of Private Funding vs. Bank Loan

  • * NO COST/NO OBLIGATION: No application fee. No closing costs. It cost you nothing to see how much working capital you can qualify for.
  • * FAST APPROVAL: Approval within 48hrs.
  • * QUICK ACCESS TO CASH: Once you are approved, your cash can be transferred via direct deposit into your business bank account within 10 days.
  • * RE-PAY AT YOUR OWN PACE: The money is re-paid through your Visa/MasterCard credit card terminal. Because re-payment is based on a fixed percentage of your Visa/MasterCard sales, if you have a slow month your payments are lower. As your business grows you repay the funded amount faster. You never have to worry about writing a check or paying a late fee.
  • * BAD CREDIT OK: The amount of cash you qualify for is based on your average monthly volume of credit card sales, not your credit score.
  • * RENEWAL: You may request additional funding after the first cash advance is paid off.
  • * FLEXIBILITY: Use the cash any way you see fit. Business owners typically use the cash to support or upgrade their business in some way. You may want to use the cash to advertise, expand, upgrade, make repairs, increase inventory, add a new location, hire new employees, meet current payroll, pay bills, etc.
  • * SIMPLE APPLICATION PROCESS: Simple one-page application can be filled out on-line for your convenience. Or you can have it faxed or mailed.
  • * EASY AUTOMATED PROCESS: Your credit card processor will transfer funds automatically and electronically, just as happens every day with your credit card batches. You may need to switch over to our preferred credit card processor. We work with an outstanding organization that will match or may actually beat your current rates.